Drilling purposes

Water well Drilling

Best quality drilling rigs. Deep experience and latest technologies.

Geotechnical Drilling

A large range of specific units to get rock and soil samples for all purposes.

Geothermal Drilling

From the heat of the Earth clean and renewable energy.


Designed for construction/building and earth retention industry.

Mineral Exploration

Designed to find ores deposit easily, cheaply and quickly, in all territories.

Fraste FS 300

fraste fs300 drill rig1

Technological innovation in water well drilling in IRAQ: in November 2014 Fraste delivered three new-generation drilling rigs to Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources.

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Fraste FS 500

fraste fs500 450

New Fraste FS 500 drilling rig in Ethiopia: in March 2015 Fraste delivered a brand new water wells drilling rig, FRASTE FS 500 model, destined to the AFAR REGION, located in North-East of the African State.  

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