FRASTE is manufacturing HYDRAULIC DRILLING RIGS since 1964, when the drilling field was still very traditional and mainly involved with mechanical transmission and therefore they were certainly among the Italian pioneers of modern drilling by using hydraulic systems on their rigs.

More over than fifty years of design & contruction experience give to Fraste a relevant position withing international drilling industry, also obtained from the direct contact with the drillers that with their thrust have given to the company more grew opportunities and possibility to be constantly on world market with new subjects and ideas. Fraste is one of the bigger drilling rig manufacturer all over the world.




Actually the FRASTE range includes high quality drilling rigs for:

  • Water well drilling rig
  • Geotechnical drilling
  • Shallow geothermal drilling
  • Deep geothermal drilling
  • Mineral exploration
  • Seismic drilling
  • Foundations 

Fraste rigs are designed under modular system and a wide range of drilling components, accessories and equipment are avaiable to meet with customers requirements and actual different drilling methods; almost all drilling systems can be performed.

High customised and special drilling units are also avaiable.


Peoples & ideas

The 70-people Fraste's staff is dynamic and highly experencied and its inside organisation grants a constant technical support to the customers, both for the sale and post-sales service.
The Commercial department always listen and help the customers with key-person that advise and inform users about Fraste products.
The Service department is ready to follow spare part-service and to solve technical problems the customers meet during the drilling work.
The Technical/project department develops projects and ideas that increase technology and quality of any FRASTE product in the respect of the human safe and environment  protection.

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FRASTE Spa is placed in Nogara (Verona) - Zona Industriale - Via Molino di Sopra, 71 - Zip code 37054 - north Italy - and its premises cover an area of sqm. 14.000 on a sqm. 40.000 territory. Testing and in field demonstration areas for drilling jobs are avaiable.



Benito Fracca President,
Founder Fraste Spa

"Perfection does not exist!"

.....But the will to go near it YES, since more than 50 years.
My commitment has always been dedicated to achieving the set targets, make them into goals and then start again with new ideas.
I believe that the best investment is the one in step with the times, aligned to the last conceptions of work and quality; however not without challenges.

......Talking about Challenges, I think that these are, in our company, a very strong propellant, which gives us the enthusiasm to embark on new studies and proposals, in order to always offer equipment with higher performances, stated quality machines that strengthen the image of the FRASTE customer.