Fraste history

(A Family Story)

fraste-logo-vecchiostroia foto11964 - First Fraste drilling rigMr. Benito Fracca, the President of Fraste Spa Italy, established his company in 1964, but the story began many years earlier… a very small village of the Verona province countryside andnamed Maccacari.Before the Second World War the father of Benito,Aqulino, was the owner of a small artisanal forge in that village and, like any good father,  he thought the trade to his four sons keeping them at work with him and trying to transmit them all his experience; Benito was the  younger.

Times became “modern times” and after the II War, the oldest son Leonida started his own mechanical workshop with the construction of oleodynamic excavators, keeping with him his smallest brother Benito, who initiated about mechanics and hydraulics and making his personal experience. When Benito was 26 decided it was time to walk alone and he started thinking about a new company, his own new company.

He found a partner, a young boy like him that was a mechanic too, and embarked with him a new adventure in the mechanical construction: they together established the  FRASTE Company – FRASTE  from the fusion of Fracca and Stefanini, their two family names. They both were young, strong and willing to work very hard to gain their goal.

They began with the construction of some small agricultural machineries, with hydraulic operation – when hydraulic was still a very “unknown World”. After few time they were asked, from a common friend, to find out something to dig the heart “deep enough” to find water for irrigation and drinking water for the houses…..and that was the beginning of the manufacturing of drilling rig for water wells.

Sometimes life is strange, but everyone is free to dream what should be his future and Benito was just dreaming about a special mechanical workshop, and so it happened.

stroia foto2In 1964 the company Fraste was officially registered in the Verona Chamber of Commerce where today it is still a Member. At those times, in 1964, the drilling field was still very traditional and mainly involved with mechanical transmissions. By using hydraulics on its drilling units, Fraste was certainly among the Italian Pioneers of modern drilling. Benito started to go deeper inside the “Drilling Universe” and went to take information about it from a very important source in Italy: the Library of the Piacenza University. 

Piacenza is still today the ‘Italian Texas’ for Oil and drilling sectors, but in the past it was really the only one place for these matters, because in that area started the first Italian oil drillings and researches. In that Library there were many books and documentations about the American drilling rigs and drilling systems and Benito learned much also from these sources.

After doing the first drilling rig for his friend, Benito made the second and the third one and more; than, being Drilling a “small World”,  within a few time words made their job, and the French market opened the doors to Fraste rigs and later on came other European Countries and overseas Countries and worldwide, till present days.

At the present time Fraste is going on again on a Family Company scheme (no more partnership with the historical partner): Benito is always at the helm of the company, being the President, and his experience is the guide for his son Vittorio – mechanical Engineer - that is the actual General Manager of the Factory. 

Vittorio is a good boy and works well, he is dynamic and learned so much about drilling rig construction and company  management. Than Serena, the daughter of Benito is the chief of the administration department and she is helped by mummy Laura (Benito’s wife) that has always helped Benito in his business, too.

Than the commercial department is the natural habitat of Elena, the niece of Benito (Leonida, the oldest son was her father) – she is in Frast e since 1978. What above simply explains that the Family is the base element of this company, where the essential values are the respect of the people, honesty and seriousness; values that the family first transmits to the children that will be the good men in the future professions.

stroia foto3Coming back on Fraste activity, after knowing its origins, the present shows an industrial reality that is under continuous grow and that dedicates a lot of its energies to research & development programs to worldwide supply  high quality last generation drilling rigs,  for many different purposes and users, very aware of the demands coming from the drilling industry, without loosing of sight the respect of the individual and the environment.

Speaking about environment the Fraste factory/seat is a very new and certified company that was build in 2003 and its buildings, infrastructures, systems and plants have been designed with maximum care to get an eco-friendly production factory; all the necessary foresights have been adopted to finally obtain a place where manufacturing industry, persons and environment can live in harmon y together.

Experience, quality, performances, reliability, low maintenance systems and high customer care are the main factors that are included in each Fraste unit of which Fraste is very proud.  The whole Fraste team is made of  dynamic open-minded people and they all have a unique focus: the “Global Quality Concept” that involves every stage of the creating process up to the final user, keeping in mind that the human factor has always to be the propeller hearth of the matter.

The Fraste style since 1964 – Long tradition in providing the highest quality drilling machines and service, worldwide.


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