FS 250

Applications: Water Wells Geothermal Drilling
FS FS 250

FRASTE FS 250: a powerful, handy and dynamic drilling rig that can approach any drilling system. It is designed and costructed under the most advanced mechanic/hydraulic construction criteria by using high quality components and it can easily be mounted on truck or crawler carrier. The available components and attachments include the “original” and exclusive Fraste all-hydraulic drill pipes loading system, that allows the operator to work very safely and save a lot of fatigue.


  • Piston Pump
  • Air Compressor
  • Main Winch
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Self priming pump
  • Triplex Piston Pump
  • Foam Pump
  • Washing pump
  • Line lubricator
  • Generator-welding unit
  • Interlocking guard
  • Remote radio control

Other optional items are available on demand for a highly customized version of the rig.

Deck mounted 175÷261 Kw 238÷350Hp
P.T.O. - -
Rotary head stroke 6700 mm 23 ft
Pull-up 12000 daN 26976 lbf
Pull-down 8000 daN 17984 lbf
Extraction speed 45 m/min 148 ft/min
Feed speed 45 m/min 148 ft/min
Max torque 2/4 speeds hydraulic drifter 1920 daNm 14161 ft lbf
Max speed 2/4 speeds hydraulic drifter 1330 RPM 1330 RPM
Clamp 70÷350 mm 2 3/4"÷14"
Clamping force 25000 daN 56200 lbf
Break-out torque 7800 daNm 57529 ft lbf