50° Anniversary Fraste Employees Party – 7 June 2014



A half century is a big deal by any measure……….

It was great! A big party, a lot of fun!

The Fraste employees 50° Anniversary Party last 7th June, was really a special day: a party fully dedicated to the peoples that work in Fraste and their Families.

We spent a beautiful day all together, colleagues, companions and children to privately celebrate the 50 years of our Company.

The President – Mr. Benito Fracca – stayed all the time with his people and the emotion in his words touched all of us!.... we all felt to be parts of his team!

Entertainments inside our factories were so nice that for a day Fraste became  a sort of “Wonderland” in Nogara.


 50° Anniversary Fraste Employees Party – 7 June 2014


The adults had a lot of fun by the special “free” atmosphere, the typical food on the buffet so delicious, good wines and good music; they all could stay together and show their  family where they works, the peoples they meet every day and the drilling rigs they manufacture!

Children were so excited! A lot of entertainments were dedicated to them, they stayed all together and played so much for the whole time.

Surely Fraste peoples will remember the 7th June 2014: the day they could celebrate the 50° Anniversary of the company that, also with their work and dedication, they contributed to be the great company it is!.

Thanks so much to all the participants!



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