Fraste FS 300


Technological innovation in water well drilling in IRAQ:


in November 2014 Fraste delivered three new-generation drilling rigs to Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources.

The supply was the result of a long process started with the participation to the international tender opened by Iraqi Government in 2013, for which our company obtained the award by the end of 2013 for the best technical offer and for the high reputation of other FRASTE drilling rigs already in Iraq since 2009.

The contract concerns the supply of three water wells drilling rigs, FRASTE FS 300 model, with average drilling capacity of 200-300 m depth, mounted on strong Iveco trakker 6x4 trucks.

Above rigs are tipical FRASTE drilling rigs, fitted with top head drive with 16 tons pull-up, for direct fluids circulation, with on board GD 7 ½’’ x 8’’ piston mud pump and accessories for down-the-hole-hammer drilling  with separated air compressor.

The technological innovation, which should be highlighted in this case, is that machines were equipped also with Fraste well-known automatic drill pipe loading system “Manipulator”, that allows drill pipes loading/unloading very quickly and safely, with on board drill pipes storage capable of 30 drill pipes diam. 3½ (89mm) Ø x 6 m long.

Another innovation included withing the rig is the operator’s cabin on control panel, which protects the driller from  bad climate conditions.

The supply of these further three drilling rigs definitely strengthened Fraste brand reputation, which is always successful in Iraq; drilling rigs are very appreciated by the Government Authority that purchased them, as well as our efficient spare parts and after-sales services, supported by the very good cooperation with our local dealer, M/S. SYRABIA LIMITED – For Engineering & Consultancy – Al Mansor District – Baghdad- IRAQ - Dr Hasan K. Jasem – Man.Director – Email:  and .



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