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The Charity Organization “Freres de la Sainte Famille” is present in different problematic areas in the World to help peoples that suffer the poverty caused from the lack of water, drought and hard geographical conditions.

One of these places is in Burkina Faso – central Africa - where ” Freres de la Sainte Famille” is involved within the continuous  fight against the poverty and the diseases caused by the scarcity of drinking/clean water  since 1969. From that far time till today they have done a big work, specially with the project of water distribution to the local peoples.

Among this big charity project there is also the supply of one Fraste Multidrill ML drilling rig mounted on truck for the production of water wells that was delivered in 2014.

This 2-axles truck mounted Multidrill ML drilling rig is versatile, light and very safe, it works both with direct mud circulation and with down the hole hammer systems and it includes the very famous Fraste “Drill pipes Manipulator” that allows the automatic drill pipes loading for a very safe operation. It is a very simple and easy-to-operate  unit, perfect  and powerful  (100 HP deck diesel engine – 4 ton pulling capacity) for water wells up to 150-200 meters depth; the supply  included also a complete set of drilling tools, drill pipes and equipment so that the Multidrill ML was delivered ready to drill for water wells in different arid regions of Burkina Faso, Nanoro , Saaba and Ougadougou. 

Very important for the local  drilling crew was the training course hold on site with one of the best Fraste skilled drilling technicians that run the course in theory with all technical information,  instructions for use and maintenance operations of the rig  and specially in practice by drilling some wells together with the local ”Freres de la Sainte Famille” drilling personnel.

One of these “training “wells  was drilled for an Orphanage near  Saaba Department – central region;  in a very smooth way and few time they drilled a new water well at 60 meter depth that  immediately start producing 2000 liters per minute of clean drinkable water!

A second “training” water well made by the Fraste drilling technician with the local drilling crew  was drilled at Nanoro ; a town 130 km north east of Ouogadougou,  in the  Seminaries of the “Freres de la Sainte Famille” and also here, even if the nature of the ground  was not always easy to be drilled, they obtain a water well  at 55 meters depth, suitable to satisfy a small village water requirement.

The very good news is that the local personnel  learnt the lesson very well, the Multidrill ML is working very hard in  those territories and its productivity rate is really awesome, in three months time 22 water wells have been drilled in the region and so many people are now more safe and happy with  availability of clean, drinkable water  that allows life, progress, education and future.



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