FS ARCTIC Mineral Exploration with Sonic Technology




A view of FS ARCTIC drilling rig
Fraste and Sonic Technology together for a drilling rig which is not scared of Siberian cold!

Recently we delivered to a very important Russian customer, that is working within the precious metals mining in Siberia, the very new crawler mounted Fraste FS ARCTIC drilling rig equipped with Sonic Technology. 

Large Sonic Head – this is the main component that by the simultaneous rotation and high frequency vibration induce the fluidification of the particles of the drilled soil and this allows the bit to go down without contamination with drilling fluids,  to obtain undisturbed and long samples, to get an accurate definition of the subsoil formations.The design of the FS ARCTIC drill rig is properly dedicated to get the maximum performance with the Sonic Technology applied to mining drilling.

The FS ARCTIC main feature is that it is foreseen to work in a very cold climate (-50° C) and under uninterrupted working cycle. 

It includes two main parts:

  • crawler drilling rig, supplied with high pressure and high volume pumps and with a mud recycling unit mounted on board.
    It is fitted with the special and unique Fraste automatic drill pipes and casing loading arm (Manipulator) that allows the driller to handle all tools very safely and without any effort.
  • a second service crawler carrier that includes a mobile workshop, where the  soil cores are handled by means of a bridge crane and ready prepared to be sent to the analysis laboratory.

The whole is operated by a 261 kW diesel engine. All systems and loops are fitted with a special heating device to avoid freezing in case of unexpected stops.

A special built-in tent structure, with hydraulic raising, surrounds the working area, (drilling rig and service crawler) to allow the drillers to work despite the very hard Siberian cold weather.

For the construction of the FS ARCTIC Fraste has strictly co-operated with the Dutch SonicSampDrill Company, that are pioneers and world leaders in the Sonic Technology applied to drilling.



  • FS ARCTIC drilling rig 1
  • FS ARCTIC drilling rig 10
  • FS ARCTIC drilling rig 11
  • FS ARCTIC drilling rig 12
  • FS ARCTIC drilling rig 13
  • FS ARCTIC drilling rig 2
  • FS ARCTIC drilling rig 3
  • FS ARCTIC drilling rig 4
  • FS ARCTIC drilling rig 5
  • FS ARCTIC drilling rig 6
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  • FS ARCTIC drilling rig 9