MITO 60 – Newly designed Fraste foundation rig.



mito60 v2MITO 60 – Newly designed Fraste foundation rig. 

The latest version of the MITO 60 is not a simple refreshment of the previous model; it is a concentrate of technological progress to ensure the client more solutions for today’s challenging projects among the foundations works.


It ensures a quality and reliable  job under any drilling situation with the best and competitive performances thanks to its features that include an efficient hydraulic system to drive the whole rig functions, low noise 129 kW power unit, radio remote control for all drilling functions and specially the new drill pipes drum that allows loading pipes in a fully automatic modus.

In this way the driller is not physically involved within the hazardous pipes handling operations and this assures the best safety during all working stages and a drastic reduction of unproductive times.


The oscillating crawler carrier gives the MITO 60  a great stability while moving in the drilling site and its good maneuverability is a capital safety factor besides allowing to reach any place.

mito60 4002

The drilling rig productivity is improved thanks to the several different  versions that are  available,  that give the driller a larger drilling spectrum also for coring and traditional drilling.


The MITO 60 like all Fraste drill rigs, assure a deep quality concept, high construction standards, severe final tests to perfectly meet contractors requirements in a simple and easy way. The effective commissioning, training and post-sale-assistance service assure the full workability of the drilling rig at any time.


See the new MITO 60 at coming Geofluid 2014 in Piacenza (Italy)!



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  • fraste mito 60 foundation rig 2
  • fraste mito 60 foundation rig 3
  • fraste mito 60 foundation rig 4
  • fraste mito 60 foundation rig 5
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