Fraste multipurpose exploration Multidrill XL at work in Mauritania


Recently a new Fraste multipurpose MULTIDRILL XL crawler mounted diamond coring drilling rig has been delivered to a prestigious customer for working inside a mining place in the north region of Mauritania and this supply enlarges the dynamic presence of the Fraste drill rigs throughout African Continent.
It is a very special compact medium-size unit destined to exploration drilling and vertical/slant wire line drilling; specially designed for very hard working conditions, in extreme situations where the rig makes the difference!
Yes, when you  drill in a so remote area, under very strong climate conditions, the role of the rig is so important; it must have absolute reliability and the contractor must feel this and feel safe while drilling, at any time.

This Multidrill XL, a core product  within Fraste range,  really allows these features: work, reliability, flexibility and safety and it gains in overall productivity because of its technical design that includes the most advanced construction techniques and high quality components.

 xl170 mauritania tramonto


xl-laterale600Technical specifications describe a very active drilling rig: 

strong rubber crawler carrier that allows reaching any place with a small footprint, fast set-up and easy manoeuvrability, 50% surmountable  grade-ability,  and the best safety factor thanks to the interlocked safety cage placed at mast foot that provide additional protection to the operator when the rig is running and  other inbuilt safety solutions.

John Deere diesel engine – 140 Hp @ 2500 rpm – gives the power to the hydraulic system for the complete and effective operation of all rig’s functions.

3 meters long drill pipes mast – mast extension to allow 6-meter rods handling.

Hydraulic feeding cylinder inside the mast – pull up force 8 ton

20 ton hydraulic double cylinder for casing pulling

Top drive 4-speeds rotary head – max rotation speed 960 rpm – max torque 600 daNm

3,6 ton main hoist – 800 kg pulling capacity wire-line winch

Triplex piston mud pump, flow 160 lt/1’ – Pressure 70 bar.

Like all the other Fraste drill rigs, also this Multidrill XL has been supplied with the special “Fraste commissioning package” included, that foresee the local commissioning of the machine with a starting training course hold by one of our experienced drilling technicians, during which the crew received a complete technical, theoretical and practical instruction  on the use and maintenance of the new rig.

The Multidrill XL can work with almost all drilling systems, including RC sampling and a lot of options are available  to match the different needs of the drilling contractors.


xl170 mauritania