MITO 40 foundation drill rig


mito40 930


Yes! … Dear All

After seven years of “Honourable Service” from the very first MITO 40 and with the acquired deep experience in the field of foundation drill rigs, Fraste decided in new investments dedicated to the renew and enlargement of its Foundation Drill Rigs Range by launching on the market the NEW MITO 40.

It is clear that we do not speak about a re-styling of an old model, but we speak about a total new machine that is more flexible and efficient and with higher performances than the previous ones.

If we go deep into the matter, we discover that the first great difference is the more POWER availability that now is 100 HP developed by a water cooled Kubota diesel engine, instead of the former 68 HP diesel unit.

Than its STABILITY has been increased thanks to the assembly on a very strong crawler carrier with variable track from mm 1700 to mm 2300 that always allows the maximum stability and safe positioning in any place.

The new MITO 40 features a new mast movement that gives a larger VERSATILITY of its use; it is an all-hydraulic movement that permits side drilling parallel to the running direction on both the sides of the rig, without any manual intervention on the articulations of the mast.

The control panel has been renewed, too and it now includes a very interesting feature: the radio remote control for the drilling operations, giving in this way the operator the capability of drilling both from its traditional fixed station on the rig or from the mobile radio console.

During the development of this new model, a lot of care was dedicated to the position of the components on the main frame, to make much more easy their maintenance that now is really very simple and direct.

The new MITO 40, like all other Fraste units, is a high quality rig and includes many technical solutions to satisfy the always changing demands coming from the drillers on the field and from the international market.

New Machines and fresh versions of the Fraste complete rigs range will be showed at the coming GEOFLUID 2010 Exhibition in Piacenza – Italy; don’t miss it!