Three FRASTE FS 250 crawler mounted drill rigs


fs250 2



Three FRASTE FS 250 crawler mounted drill rigs were delivered in these last times to a very important US specialised geothermal loops drilling company.

The first one is already on  drilling site and it works very good and customer is well impressed about its features whilst  the other two ones  are on starting stage.

Coming back on this history, these three twin rigs were chosen after a good cooperation between  Fraste north American Dealer – Mrs. MARLS TECHNOLOGIES Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – and a very experienced  US drilling company who is largely involved  also with the geothermal drilling.

Agreement was to supply three special-designed rigs with a large  capability in drilling in many circumstances, but mainly for geothermal drilling with mud circulation drilling system (they can drill with air, DTH Hammer with lubricator and foam pump, too).

Among the special features of these drill rigs we can find a very fresh items from us: the deck mounted Fraste Mud Cleaning System that we now  available on demand for mounting on our rigs.

This revolutionary system has the original feature to be on board mounted, being in this way a unique body with the machine to reduce transport costs, drilling space, people to work on it.

Than this  item allows drilling in any environment, in very sensitive ones, too; it makes un-necessary digging of the traditional mud pit because drilling fluid is contained within a special tank and the whole system makes it clean and recyclable after separation of solids and sand. Cuttings are directly collected in their own bags, ready to be properly disposed.

Advantages that come from this new application are evident and demand for it is constantly increasing.

We can say  that  these  rigs are “well organized” to really help driller at all – they also include   the Fraste Drill Pipes Manipulator, for automatic drill pipes handling, that saves death times and fatigue and increases safety factor of the machine.

The Drill pipes Manipulator is fitted with an on board drill pipes storage that allows  loading on the rig for 32 pieces of mm 4500 drill pipes.

Other technical features of these FS 250 crawler mounted rigs are:

  • Power unit:                             250 HP
  • Pulling capacity:                        12 ton
  • Max torque:                           800 Kgm
  • Max rotation speed:               150 rpm
  • 5”x6” Piston mud pump:        600 lt/1’ – 21 bar
  • GTW:                                     23 ton.