XL DR (Double Rotary head) provides first class performances


xl dr 2

Today we want to speak about one FRASTE MULTIDRILL XL DR specific for Geothermal applications.

It is mounted on crawler carrier  with no. 2 rotary heads in order to drill whilst casing advancing  (the drill pipe and the casing pipe advance contemporary together).

XL DR (Double Rotary head) provides first class performances by geothermal drilling, a field of drilling industry that is rapidly expanding and where FRASTE rigs now are working very intensively.

The main characteristics of this units  are the following:

  • 2-speeds upper rotary head for drill pipes  supplied with injection swivel.
    Max torque:
    1st speed 0 ¸ 420 daNm, 0 ¸   65 rpm;
    2nd speed 0 ¸ 210 daNm, 0 ¸ 130 rpm;
  • 2-speeds lower rotary head for casing.
    Max torque:
  • 1st   speed 0 ¸ 1160 daNm, 0 ¸  25 rpm;
  • 2nd  speed 0 ¸    580 daNm, 0 ¸  50 rpm;
  • Pull up capacity 5 ton.
  • Drilling and casing pipes  2000 mm.
  • Air/mud circulation
  • Double clamp dia. 60 ¸ 250mm
  • Max. width 2000 mm.

We come back to you very soon  with some other interesting info. of us.